EMMERICH KÁLMÁN (1882-1953): Symphonic Poem Endre és Johanna, Saturnalia - Symphonic Scherzo (both World Premiere Recordings), Overture to Ein Herbstmanöver, CHARLES KALMAN (1929-2015): Waltz La Parisienne, two vocal excerpts from Gräfin Maritza and Die Csárdásfürstin.

Catalogue Number: 12W003

Label: Operetta Archives

Reference: OA 1030

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Written in 1904 and 1906, Saturnalia and “Andrew and Johanna” predate Kálmán’s first operetta and offer a portrait of a young composer glorying in the orchestrational colors wielded by Liszt and Richard Strauss in their tone poems. The former piece is labeled “Symphonic Scherzo” and most its 13 minutes are dance-music one might have heard in 19th century Vienna while the prodigious 23-minute tone poem shows us Kálmán seemingly unwilling to turn off the surging flow of late Romantic musical drama. Have a wallow, won’t you? University of British Columbia Symphony Orchestra; Jonathan Girard.


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