Piccolo Concertos

FLORENTINE MULSANT (b.1962): Concerto, Op. 72, REGIS CAMPO (b.1968): Touch the Sky, VERONIQUE POLTZ (b.1963): Concertino, Op. 36 “Kilumac”, LOWELL LIEBERMANN (b.1967): Concerto, Op. 50, JEAN-MICHEL DAMASE (1928-2013): Concerto, JOACHIM ANDERSEN (1847-1909): Moto Perpetuo, Op. 8 (orch. Veronique Poltz).

Catalogue Number: 12V065

Label: Skarbo

Reference: DSK3192

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: Mulsant’s 2017 concerto inhabits the same French world of lyricism, bright colors and joie de vivre as her older colleague Damase, many of whose pieces for flute have appeared in these pages over the years. Poltz belongs to this stylistic group as well while Campo’s ten-minute work is rather more contemporary in its approach to tonality. Jean-Louis Beaumadier (piccolo), Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra; Vahan Mardirossian.


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