100 Years of British Piano Miniatures

LEO LIVENS (1896-1990): Moonbeams, EVANGELINE LIVENS (1898-1983): Shadows, JULIUS HARRISON (1884-1963): Severn Country, CONSTANCE WARREN (1905-1984): Idyll in G Flat, ARTHUR BUTTERWORTH (1923-2014): Lakeland Summer Nights, Op. 10, CHRISTOPHER HEADINGTON (1930-1996): Italian Dance, JOHN LONGMIRE (1902-1986): Regent Street, HOWARD SKEMPTON (b.1947): Quavers, Intermezzo, PETER RACINE FRICKER (1920-1990): 2 Expressions, DAVID POWER (b.1962): 8 Miniatures, PETER REYNOLDS (1958-2016): Cippyn.

Catalogue Number: 12U047

Label: Grand Piano

Reference: GP789

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The piano pieces here trace a trajectory from the Edwardian poetry of Leo Livens to the overdubbing of Peter Reynolds by way of a century of evocative, descriptive and exciting miniatures. Reflecting pastoral, light and experimental traditions, these previously unrecorded works offer rich variety from neglected composers. Duncan Honeybourne (piano).


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