JOSEPH BODIN DE BOISMORTIER (1682-1765): Ballet de village for 2 Recorders and Continuo in G, Op. 52/1, Sonata for 3 Recorders and Continuo in C Minor, Op. 34/6, Suite for Viola da Gamba and Continuo in D, p. 31, Trio Sonata for Recorder, Viola da Gamba and Continuo in E Minor, Op. 37/2, Sonata for Recorder and Harpsichord in F, Op. 91/1, from Pièces de clavecin, Op. 59: La Caverneuse, La Transalpine, La Valétudinaire, La Sérénissime and La Frénétique.

Catalogue Number: 12U022

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 95754

Format: CD

Price: $8.98

Description: As attractive as it is fluent and copious in quantity, Boismortier’s music reflects the conviviality and refined taste that permeated every aspect of the Parisian society of his time. Umbra Lucis Ensemble.


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