RAFFAELE CECCONI (b.1930): La morte di Narciso (il danzatore di Dio) for Contrabassoon, Viola and Clarinet, CARLO GALANTE (b.1959): 5 Bagatelle per l’Uomo Nero for Solo Contrabassoon, 2 canzoni d’ombra, GIOVANNI SOLLIMA (b.1962): Yafù for Contrabassoon and String Quartet, Lamentatio for Solo Contrabassoon, WILLY HESS (1906-1997): Contrabassoon Quintet, MASSIMO COCO (b.19??): Fantasia soprauna tregenda for Bassoon, Contrabassoon and String Quartet.

Catalogue Number: 12T070

Label: Bongiovanni

Reference: GB 5199-2

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: One thing that emerges from this unusual but enjoyable recital of thoroughly approachable music is that when written for in a solo rôle, the contrabassoon gets treated with more respect by contemporary composers than the ubiquitous bass clarinet; the composers seem to revel in its rich, velvety sonority rather than requiring it to perform acrobatics well above its natural register. Cecconi constructs a little drama after Eliot's "The Death of Saint Narcissus". Galante's Bagatelles find the instrument in humorous mood, with miniature waltzes and 'songs', and in one piece, imitating a percussion instrument, while his Canzoni borrow accompanimental material from two 1980s pop songs in lively dialogues between contrabassoon and strings. Hess' Quintet is a three-movement work in Classical style (the composer was an authority on Beethoven and an orchestral bassoonist) in which the deep-voiced instrument is an entirely serious melodic soloist in an attractive, otherwise conventional piece of chamber music. Sollima's Yafù is a melodic little lament, while his Lamentatio, originally a showpiece for his own instrument, the cello, translates its effects and athleticism to the contrabassoon. Coco's ensemble piece is a neo-romantic musical retelling of an atmospheric nocturnal scene from the novel "Reeds in the Wind" by Grazia Deledda, set amid the landscape and folklore of Sardinia. Alessio Pisani (contrabassoon), Adriana Boschi (clarinet), Maurizio Barigione (bassoon), Marino Lagomarsino, Roberto Spilotros (violins), Massimo Coco (viola), Alberto Pisani (cello).


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