New South American Discoveries

DIEGO LUZURIAGA (b.1955): Responsorio, AGUSTÍN FERNÁNDEZ (b.1958): Una música escondida, DIEGO VEGA (b.1968): Música Muisca, ANTONIO GERVASONI (b.1973): Icarus, JORGE VILLAVICENCIO GROSSMANN (b.1973): Wayra, SEBASTIÁN ERRÁZURIZ (b.1975): La Caravana, SEBASTIÁN VERGARA (b.1978): Mecánica, VICTOR AGUDELO (b.1979): El Sombrerón.

Catalogue Number: 12S067

Label: Harmonia Mundi

Reference: HMU 907670

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Two composers each from Chile, Columbia and Peru and one each from Bolivia and Ecuador, short pieces ranging from 4:38 to 14:05, all of them appproachable and several neo-romantically colorful and dramatic, like Agudelo’s creepy evocation of a black-hatted folk figure who frightens drunks and gamblers, Villavicencio’s aural portrait of the wind (Wayra in Quechua) or Vega’s imaginative attmpt to characterize a pre-Hispanic Colombian civilization’s music. Those not neo-romantic are still eminently accessible, employing minimalism (sparingly) or expressively stretching tonality to evoke moods. You’ll likely find a couple or three you’ll want to play again right away. Norwegian Radio Orchestra; Miguel Harth-Bedoya.


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