JOHANNA BORDEWIJK-ROEPMAN (1892-1971): Violin Sonata, Sonata 1943 for Piano, Impromptu for Piano, Debout, éveille-toi! for Piano, Voice and Piano: 3 Bierbaum Lieder, 6 Lieder, 3 Nursery Rhymes, Oranje May-lied, Holland, Uit het diepst van mijn hart.

Catalogue Number: 12S048

Label: Zefir

Reference: ZEF 9648

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: Here's a (completely) forgotten Romantic of real quality for you. Largely self-taught from books and consultations with orchestral musicians whom she sought out, Bordewijk-Roepmann was a Romantic throwback, adopting the idiom that appealed to her and entirely neglecting modernist trends. Most of these pieces, including the ones from the 1950s, could have been written within a couple of decades of her birth, but they are none the worse for that. Her style incorporates elements of anything that falls under the heading 'Romantic' from Brahms onward, and in the earliest pieces, especially the fine 1923 Violin Sonata, a strong French influence - particularly that of Debussy - and if this implies a certain want of a wholly individual voice, it is fair to say that she never consistently 'sounds like' any one particular composer. The late Impromptu, one of her last works (she gave up composing, discouraged, a decade before her death) is noticeably more densely chromatic than the earlier works, a trend that seems to have started to be introduced in the 1940s; the succinct little Sonata 1943 has something Hindemithian about it. There are apparently large-scale works, some at least of which were lost in the war, which would probably be well worth hearing, but as a miniaturist and song composer Bordewijk-Roepmann is certainly amply deserving of attention. Texts in original languages (German, Dutch, English). Irene Maessen (soprano), José Scholte (alto), Ursula Schoch (violin), Marcel Worms (piano).


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