ALFRED HOLLINS (1865-1942): Concert Overture No. 3 in F Minor, Morceau de Concert, Theme with Variations and Fugue, A Song of Sunshine, Concert Toccata in B Flat, EDWIN LEMARE (1865-1934): From the West, WILLIAM WOLSTENHOLME (1865-1931): The Seraph’s Strain, Le Carillon, FRANK HEDDON BOND (1875-1948): Chorus in E Flat, BERNARD JOHNSON (1868-1935): Elfentanz, ERNEST MACMILLAN (1893-1973): Cortège Académique.

Catalogue Number: 12R029

Label: Regent

Reference: REGCD473

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Although they’ve chosen an American organ, this is still an English recital and it’s title - “Hollins and Friends” is literally true. These men were all acquainted and some were lifelong friends and all but the perpetually restless and flamboyant Lemare stayed in Britain and wrote light, tuneful concert music which rapidly fell out of fashion after the first world war. Lemare stands out for his American-tune-ridden pair of orchestral canvases “In Missouri” and “In North Dakota”. Simon Niemiński (organ of Third Baptist Church, St. Louis, MO).


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