CARLO ALESSANDRO LANDINI (b.1954): Two More Steps Towards Uncertainty for Orchestra (I Pomeriggi Musicali di Milano; Nicholas Carthy), Ecco il giorno for 4 Female Voices and 13 Executors (Ensemble Nuovo Ricercare; Laura Bertani), Coming to life. Generation, Transition, Interlocking of Phases for 7 Executors (Ensemble Phonè; Robert Zülle), Limen for 16 Strings (Camerata Musicale Ambrosiana; Massimiliano Caldi).

Catalogue Number: 12Q064

Label: Stradivarius

Reference: STR 33986

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: The substantial orchestral work Two More Steps Towards Uncertainty progresses from a complex, heterophonic texture, in which timbral figures and fragments flow and coalesce and unexpected melodic motifs suddenly emerge into the foreground toward a simpler, more refined texture with a sense of a tonal centerand a repeating thematic fragment like a refrain, paradoxically contradicting the title by seeming to suggest a step toward greater certainty, or at least clarity. Ecco il giorno sets a despairing existential text by Massimo Venuti as a fluid skein of vocal texture against a shuddering, uncertain instrumental accompaniment. Coming to Life... explores a condensed range of heterophonic timbral studies, like a distilled, chamber-scale version of Two More Steps, again with sudden rarefactions of texture and sudden foreground figures emerging from the complex ground. Limen is a relatively recent work, the fluid plasticity of its varied string textures ebbing and flowing in dense clusters of sound before increasingly revealing a tendency toward more concrete, even somewhat consonant resolutions.


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