SOFIA GUBAIDULINA (b.1931): 5 Etudes for Harp, Double Bass and Percussion, Pantomime for Double Bass and Piano, 8 Etudes for Double Bass, Sonata for Double Bass and Piano, Galgenlider à 3 (Gallows Songs) for Mezzo-Soprano, Percussion and Double Bass, Pentimento for Double Bass and 3 Guitars, In Croce for Double Bass and Bayan, Quasi Hoquetus for Viola, Double Bass and Piano, Silenzio for Bayan, Violin and Double Bass, Ein Engel for Alto and Double Bass.

Catalogue Number: 12N072

Label: Neos

Reference: 11006/08

Format: CD

Price: $49.98

No Longer Available

Description: 7 of the 10 works here are listed as First Recordings but one was just out on Naxos last month and a couple of others exist in versions with a different low bass instrument. The market for Gubaidulina is small and for the double bass smaller yet, so it's likely that this will be for die-hard enthusiasts. The biggest new item is Galgenlieder (1996), a 47-minute sequence of 15 poems by Christian Morgenstern, whimsical yet haunting statements, rearranging and repeating words in short, satisfying bursts, just the sort of thing for Gubaidulina's quasi-improvisational style. 3 CDs. Special price. No texts. Martin Heinze (double bass), KlangArt Berlin and Friends.


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