RICHARD WETZ (1875-1935): A Christmas Oratorio, Op. 53.

Catalogue Number: 12N005

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 638

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Dating from 1929, this celebratory, festive and unremittingly positive piece is unusual in that it uses old German folk songs rather than any liturgical material for its texts. Generally choral (the soloists tend to appear only to report on the most important events as they occur), the oratorio makes use of a female-choir only for the older folksongs and Christmas songs, lending these a relaxed and pleasant pastoral character. In three sections - "Expectation and Annunciation", "The Birth of Christ" and "The Three Kings" - it's a 70-minute piece which, due to the lack of heavy-handed Teutonic seriousness, seems to go by much faster than that. German-English texts. Marietta Zumbült (soprano), Máté Sólyom-Nagy (baritone), Erfurt Cathedral Choir, Erfut Philharmonic Choir, Thuringian Chamber Orchestra Weimar; George Alexander Albrecht.


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