ÉRIC TANGUY (b.1968): Sonata No. 1, Passacaille, 5 Préludes, 2 Études, Sonata No. 2.

Catalogue Number: 12I092

Label: Transart Live

Reference: TR106

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Tanguy's output for piano displays an exuberant imagination coupled to a concern for clarity and an adherence to established forms and principles, albeit with a personal slant. The composer's harmonic language is firmly rooted in tonality, largely avoiding extremes of dissonance, and having more in common with Romantic and neoclassical piano writing than the extremes to which the piano has been taken in the 20th century - a healthy dose of good old-fashioned virtuosity adds to this impression. But this is not reactionary or conservative music; the Passacaille uses overlapping themes as the basis for its variations rather than a reiterated ground bass; the sonatas, both concise three-movement specimens structurally organised according to classical principles, find room for some decidedly modern-sounding polyrhythmic turbulence and harmonic ambiguity in addition to the solid musical argument and an underlying lyricism. The brief preludes and more extended études, while plainly belonging to their respective genres, showcase an individual response to the conventions of the form in works of strongly contrasting character. Vahan Mardirossian (piano).


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