ÉRIC TANGUY (b.1968): String Quartet No. 2, Nocturne for Cello and Piano, Capriccio for Clarinet, Prélude et Rondo for Cello, Further for Flute, Elégie for Violin, Musique pour Ming for Flute and Cello, Mélancolie for Violin and Piano, 3 Esquisses for Cello, Sonata breve for Violin.

Catalogue Number: 12I091

Label: Transart Live

Reference: TR129

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Tanguy, here as in the piano works below, combines a late-romantic emphasis on emotional expression - the lamenting Nocturne, the uneasy Elegie and the soulful Melancolie wear their hearts unashamedly on their sleeves - with a neoclassical elegance of form and avoidance of bombastic excess. But the composer also provides many examples of exhilarating virtuosic bravura - the lively finales to the quartet and violin sonata, for instance. His chosen harmonic vocabulary is far from progressive - there is nothing here that insists that it was written in the past fifty years, little that absolutely has to hail from the last century - but within this conservative idiom Tanguy succeeds admirably in writing music that is immaculately crafted and full of genuine passion and urgent communicativeness. Quatuor Rosamonde, Nicolas Baldeyrou (clarinet), Silvia Careddu (flute), Marina Chiche (violin), Henri Demarquette (cello), Vahan Mardirossian (piano), Jean-Marc Phillips (violin).


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