EVAN GARDNER (b.1978): Lights Out, ORJAN MATRE (b.1979): 4 Miniatures, JØRGEN KARLSTRØM (b.1981): Tristanfilter II, JAN ERIK MIKALSEN (b.1979): Ghouls and Moons I-III.

Catalogue Number: 12I084

Label: Aurora

Reference: ACD 5048

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: A sense of tonality and structured development of basic material presented at the outset to aid memory and navigation pervades Matre's four brief movements, predominantly of dark hue and avoiding great polyphonic complexity in favour of clearly delineated blocks of sound. Gardner's work is relatively static, organically metamorphosing a somber mass of orchestral texture with more of a sense of slow rotation than actual forward movement. Karlstrøm seeks to contaminate, so to speak, the 'pure' spectralism of a work by Murail - Désintegration - which forms the basis for his piece. Effectively, it adds spectralism to the current pluralistic vocabulary, as an element in an æsthetic that can also include motifs based on rhythmic or even harmonic progressions rather than the microscopic examination of pure sounds. Ghouls and Moons is a postmodern ironic take on the idea of program music, evoking the shadowy world of 1950s horror movies, thus necessarily paying tribute to the random - or not so random - borrowings of movie composers from the 'strange' sounds that the general public were ignoring in the concert hall but were perfectly happy to put up with to heighten tensions in scenes of unsuspecting victims being stalked through darkened corridors, etc. Norwegian Radio Orchestra; Rolf Gupta.


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