MORTON GOULD (1913-1996): Hosedown, WILLIAM THOMAS MCKINLEY (b.1938): Presidential Overture, And the President Said... for Narrator, Piano Obbligato and Orchestra, Wild Stallion for Trumpet and Orchestra, ROGER DAVIDSON: American Meditation for Narrator, Trumpet and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 12I071

Label: MMC

Reference: 2146

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

No Longer Available

Description: Offered primarily for Gould's 1995 children's piece about firemen (using both narrator and actor) for complete collectors of this composer, the disc is also notable for And the President Said..., in which Washington Post former editor Bradlee chose a series of quotes (serious and light) from various presidents for a work modeled on Lincoln Portrait. Benjamin Bradlee (narrator), London Symphony Orchestra; Jeffrey Silberschlag (trumpet), Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra; Gerard Schwarz.


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