KOMITAS (1869-1935): Armenian Songs: The Apricot Tree, It's Springtime, Homeless, Caw, Crane, Springtime, Our Father, Lullaby, Like a Poplar, The Sky is Cloudy, Dera Shogher, I Cannot Dance, Striding, Beaming, I Came Down from the Mountain, This Brook, Hoy, Nazan, Shaxkur-shouxkur, Oh, My Dear Doe, Mount Alagyaz, The Incense Tree, Heaven Has Become Clouded in Arches, Stride Up and Down!, The Partridge Song, This Moonlit Night, Oh, What a Catastrophe, The Crane, Armenia, German Songs: April, Frühlingsuhe, Du fragst?, Komm, o Nacht, Meeresstille, Glückliche Fahrt, Nachtlied, Nebel, Sturmesmythe.

Catalogue Number: 12I054

Label: Audite

Reference: 92.570

Format: CD

Price: $20.98

Description: The "Armenian Bartók" was instrumental in preserving centuries of sacred and secular Armenian vocal music, even though roughly 70% of his word was lost during his lifetime. The Armenian songs here (written in two groups between 1905-6 and 1908-11), sung by a native speaker, are incredibly powerful and full of the tragedy and oppression of their country's history. The frequent use of melisma helps increase the sense of exoticism while the piano parts are almost equally expressive. Shorter love-songs and dance-pieces provide welcome respite while we also have a real rarity - first recordings of nine German lieder (found in a museum in Yerevan) which were composed during Komitas' studies in Berlin between 1896-99, all but one of which are unpublished. 72-page booklet, bound into a hard, book-style cover with luxurious gold stamping. Armenian/German-English texts. Hasmik Papian (soprano), Vardan Mamikonian (piano).


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