JOHANN GOTTLIEB GOLDBERG (1727-1756): Harpsichord Concertos in D Minor and in E Flat.

Catalogue Number: 12I031

Label: Verso

Reference: VRS 2025

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Prevously recorded twenty years ago on modern instruments by Bulgarian forces for MD&G, this new recording, on period instruments, offers a fresh take on the only two keyboard concertos by the composer indelibly associated with Bach's eponymous variations. With strikingly demanding string parts, sharply contrasting themes, extreme dynamics and dramatic effects, they fall perfectly into the seething creativity of the German mid-18th century - except for their unheard-of length: 65 minutes for the two together, which makes them utterly unique. Baroque Orchestra of the University of Salamanca; Jacques Ogg (harpsichord).


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