Bolivian Baroque, Vol. 2 JUAN DE ARAUJO (1646-1712): Cayósole al Alba, Si el Amor se quedare dormido, GIOVANNI BATTISTA BASSANI (1657-1716): Missa Encarnación, JAN JOSEF IGNAC BRENTNER (1689-1742): Glória et honóre, PIETRO LOCATELLI (1695-1764): Sonata No. 10, IGNACIO BALBI (1720-1775): Sonata No. 9, ANON. (18th cen.): Stella coeli extirpávit, Quis me a te sponse separábit, Tota salútis, Salve Regina, Tota pulchra es María, DON JANUARIO: Trad. Bolivian Melody (arr. Florilegium).

Catalogue Number: 12I021

Label: Channel Classics

Reference: CCS SA 24806

Format: CD

Price: $20.98

Description: A second volume of works found in two Bolivian archives (Moxos and Chiquitos), both sonatas and sacred vocal pieces, some of which were certainly written by Indians in 18th century Bolivia, as well as villancicos and motets from the Bolivian National Archive in Sucre. Spanish/Latin-English texts. Arakaendar Bolivia Choir, Florilegium.


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