HEINRICH VON HERZOGENBERG (1843-1900): Die Geburt Christi, Op. 90.

Catalogue Number: 12I007

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 211

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Have no fear if you were expecting a tedious, long-winded, ultra-pious, sludgy late-Romantic yawn-fest! Herzogenberg wrote this oratorio (in 1894) for amateur performers, requiring only a string orchestra, one oboe and harmonium. Further, he seeded it liberally with popular German sacred and secular Christmas songs (Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen, Vom Himmel hoch), thus producing a sort of German Folk Christmas Oratorio which might be seen as a late Romantic equivalent to Ryba's baroque Czech Christmas Mass. Yes, it's 79 minutes long, but, as a food reviewer might put it, it's light and fluffy... German-English texts. Alexandra Steiner (soprano), Barbara Werner (alto), Tilman Lichdi, Benedikt Nawrath (tenors), Philipp Gaiser, Michael Bauer (basses), Ökumenischer Hochschulchor Würzburg, Herzongenberg Orchestra Würzburg; Matthias Beckert.


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