WILLIAM BAINES (1899-1922) Pictures of Light - Piano music and songs. Paradise Gardens, The Naïad, No. 1 Labyrinth (A Deep Sea Cave), No. 2 Water-Pearls, No. 3 The Burning Joss-Stick, No. 4 Fioralia, No. 1 The Love Wreck, No. 2 Goodnight to Flamboro, Island of the Fey, No. 1 Drift-light, No. 2 Bursting Flames, No. 3 Pool Lights, No. 1 in G Major, c No. 2 Ebbing Tide, No. 3 Shade-Imagery, No. 4 in C Major, No. 5 Wind Sprites No. 6 A Fairy Story, No. 7 Lullaby, No. 8 Eroica, No. 1 Fountains, No. 2 Fern Song No. 3 By the Sea, No. 4 A Lyric (The Vigil), No. 5 Morning, ROBIN WALKER (b.1949): At the Grave of William Baines. Gordon Pullin; Duncan Honeybourne

Catalogue Number: 11Y027

Label: Divine Art

Reference: DDA25234

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: William Baines is one of those exceptionally gifted composers whose music still remains little known to the general music-loving public. Deeply rooted in Nature, it shows influences from Debussy, Scriabin, Chopin, Liszt and Ravel and has totally assimilated those exemplars into truly mature and distinguished works all his own. This album includes a number of impressionist piano solos and also the first recording (and first performance) of the Five Songs, presented by veteran tenor Gordon Pullin, who has long been associated with the music of Baines. Duncan Honeybourne has become one of the most sought after of British pianists with a sparkling discography and is totally at home in this picturesque music. This album is produced also in memory of Baines on the centenary of his death. The album concludes with ‘At the Grave of William Baines’ by fellow Yorkshire Robin Walker – a fitting tribute by a living composer with similar abilities to draw inspiration from the world around him.


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