ROSARIO SCALERO (1870-1954): Complete Music for Violin and Piano - Sonata in D Minor, Op. 12, 3 Walzer-Capricen, Op. 16, 3 Capricci for Solo Violin, Op. 2, 12 Variazioni nach den Barucabà/Variationen von Paganini, Op. 15 (previously released on Tactus in 2014), Suite im alten Stil, Eine Kleine Suite nach D. Scarlatti, 14 Variazione über ein Thema von W.A. Mozart, Op. 8, 3 Stücke, Op. 17, Romance, Op. 4, 2 Danze Napoletane, Op. 27, 9 Danze Piemontesi (new recordings).

Catalogue Number: 11W042

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 96160

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Scalero was a virtuoso violinist and, from 1924, teacher of theory and composition at the Curtis Institute. His violin and piano output shows three distinct strands of inspiration. There was his background as a virtuoso violinist, which comes to the fore in the Capricci for solo violin and the Variations on a theme of Paganini (not the famous one immortalised by Rachmaninov), and his native feeling for a cantabile melody, so evident in the Romance. Then there is his life-long allegiance to his Italian roots to be enjoyed in the sets of Danze Napoletane and the Danze Piemontesi. But equally his Viennese training yielded not only long-form structures such as the Sonata but also a trio of Waltz-Caprices and neoclassical pieces in a lighter style such as the Suite of dances ‘im alten Stil’ and the kleine Suite of pieces ‘after’ Scarlatti. 3 CDs. Mauro Tortorelli (violin), Angela Meluso (piano).


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