REYNALDO HAHN (1874-1947): L’Île du Rêve.

Catalogue Number: 11W006

Label: Bru Zane

Reference: BZ1042

Format: CD

Price: $36.98

Description: Composed when Hahn was not yet eighteen years old, this ‘curtain-raiser’ already had the qualities of the great works of the period. It reveals the coloristic talents of Bizet, the passionate outbursts of Massenet and even the prosodic originality of the young Debussy. The plot recounts a French naval officer’s love affair with a young Polynesian girl he has to abandon. This subject - also treated musically by Puccini (Madama Butterfly) and Delibes (Lakmé)- is approached in an almost Symbolist style: the Romanticism of the music contrasts with a contemplative, introspective treatment of the narration. French-English libretto. Hélène Guilmette (soprano), Cyrille Dubois, Artavazd Sargsyan (tenors), Anaïk Morel (mezzo), Chœur du Concert Spirituel, Munich Radio Orchestra; Hervé Niquet.


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