REYNALDO HAHN (1874-1947): Complete Songs for Solo Voice and Piano - Études Latines Nos. 2, 3 and 6-10, Venezia, Chansons grises, Adoration, Fleur de mon âme, La Dame aux camélias, Premier Recueil, Rondels Nos. 2-5, 7-10 and 12, Les Feuilles blessées, Second Recueil, Troisième Volume, 9 Mélodies retrouvées, 5 Little Songs, Love without Wings.

Catalogue Number: 11V041

Label: Bru Zane

Reference: BZ 2002

Format: CD

Price: $42.98

Description: Almost three-quarters of Hahn’s output for voice and piano has almost never been recorded (or recorded on such esoteric labels that it might as well not have been). This complete recording of all 107 of his songs at last reveals the full variety and originality of this repertory. 4 CDs + Book. French-English texts. Tassis Christoyannis (baritone), Jeff Cohen (piano).


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