FERNAND DE LA TOMBELLE (1855-1932): Fantaisie for Piano and Orchestra, Suites for Orchestra No. 1 “Impressions matinales” and No. 2 “Livre d’images” (Hannes Minaar [piano], Brussels Philharmonic; Hervé Niquet), Piano Quartet (I Giardini), Suite for 3 Cellos (François Salque, Hermine Horiot, Adrien Bellom), Cello Sonata, Andante espressivo for Cello and Piano (Emmanuelle Bertrand [cello], Pascal Amoyel [piano]), Fantaisie-ballade for Pedal Harp (Nabila Chajai) 5 pieces for Choir (Flemish Radio Choir w/François Saint-Yves [organ]; Niquet), 5 Mélodies and 6 Pages d’amour for Tenor and Piano (Yann Beuron [tenor], Jeff Cohen (piano).

Catalogue Number: 11V005

Label: Bru Zane

Reference: BZ 1038

Format: CD

Price: $42.98

Description: Gifted with a strong temperament and a curious nature, Fernand de La Tombelle is a highly appealing and interesting figure among French Romantic composers. He left a substantial œuvre, protean, stylistically eclectic, even atypical, that deserves reassessment not only for its own merits, but also because it illustrates a certain form of social and artistic activity in France at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This new release reveals the multiple facets of a captivating personality, ranging from orchestral music with operatic overtones through introspective chamber works to choral music recalling the Renaissance madrigal. The sublime Fantaisie for piano and orchestra (a three-movement, 25-minute concerto in all but name) would suffice on its own to demonstrate the quality of La Tombelle’s inspiration. The usual lavish packaging and presentation. 3 CDs. French-English texts.


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