Contemporaries of the Strauss Family • 3

PAUL LINCKE (1866-1946): Overture to Frau Luna, Im Omnibus - Polka-Mazurka, Op. 34, ROBERT VOLLSTEDT (1854-1919): Schneidig Marsch, Op. 98, PHILIPP FAHRBACH JR. (1843-1894): Verlobungs-Feierklänge Waltz, Op. 153, RICHARD EILENBERG (1848-1927): Storch-Polka, Op. 195, JAKOB PAZELLER (1869-1957): Tropenzauber Waltz, Op. 125, JOSEF FRANZ WAGNER (1856-1908): Dynamit Polka Scnell, Op. 10, JOSEPH LABITZKY (1802-1881): Albert Waltz, Op. 73, JULIUS FUČIK (1872-1916): Vom Donauufer Waltz, Op. 135, BÉLA KÉLER (1820-1882): Kimo Kaimo Galop, Op. 84, ALPHONS CZIBULKA (1842-1894): Weana Frücht’ln Waltz, Op. 386, CARL MILLÖCKER (1842-1899): Freicorps-Marsch from Der Feldprediger, RICHARD HEUBERGER (1850-1914): Overture to Ihr Excellenz.

Catalogue Number: 11T072

Label: Marco Polo

Reference: 8.225368

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The Strauss dynasty’s huge popularity in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries overshadowed that of many once famous but now forgotten composers. Their remarkable productivity means that there is a wealth of gems to be rediscovered, and with reconstructions from original archive material and new orchestrations by the conductor, these lively dances transport us to the heyday of a genre that celebrated life with an unparalleled exuberance. Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice; John Georgiadis.


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