CHARLES KOECHLIN (1867-1950): Orchestral Works - 4 Poèmes d’Edmond Haraucourt, Op. 7, 2 Poèmes d’Automne, Op. 13, La Jeune Tarentine, Op. 23/1; La Prière du mort and Épiphanie, Op. 17/2&3, Soir, au bord du lac, Le Cortège d’Amphitrite and Épitaphe d’une jeune femme, Op. 46/2-4, Le Sommeil de Canope, Op. 31.1, Chant funèbre à la mémoire des jeunes femmes défuntes, Op. 37, Fauré (orch. Koechlin): Chanson de Mélisande (all w/Juliane Banse [soprano]), La Course de Printemps, Op. 95, Le Buisson ardent, Op. 203 and 171, La Méditation de Purun Bhagat, Op. 159, Les Heures persanes, Op. 65, Les Bandar-log, Op. 176, Offrande musicale sur le nim de BACH, Op. 187, Sur les flots lointains, Op. 130, Vers la voûte étoilée, Op. 129, Le Docteur Fabricius, Op. 202, Debussy/Koechlin: Khamma, Fauré/Koechlin: Pelléas et Mélisande, Op. 80, Chabrier/Koechlin: Bourrée fantasque, Schubert/Koechlin: Wanderer Fantasy, D 760.

Catalogue Number: 11T034

Label: SWR Music

Reference: SWR19046CD

Format: CD reissue

Price: $38.98

Description: The 150th anniversary of Charles Koechlin’s birth in November 2017 is marked by the reissue of all the Koechlin recordings made by the Sudwestrundfunk. This release of Koechlin’s orchestral works includes many world premiere recordings and gives a comprehensive overview of Koechlin’s output- from the early orchestral songs to his orchestrations of works by other composers and to his huge later works. Koechlin’s compositional style was very subtle, full of delicate, colorful combinations of instrumental sounds. Many of his colleagues allowed him to orchestrate their works, simply because Koechlin was a master of the art. Koechlin’s compositions were also designed for the imagination, often built around extra musical elements, and are magical, reflective, and highly expressive. This is a shockingly luxurious reissue for these paltry days and at a shockingly low price - the notes, in three languages, sung texts and translations, and recording documentation run to 156 pages! 7 CDs. French-English texts. SWR Vocal Ensemble, Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra; Heinz Holliger. Original 2000-2010 Hänssler Classic releases.


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