FELIX DRAESEKE (1835-1913): Symphony No. 1 in G, Op. 12, Sinfonia tragica, Op. 40 (Symphony No. 3), Piano Concerto in E Flat, Op. 36, Overture to Gudrun, Symphonic Prologue to Penthesilea, Op. 50.

Catalogue Number: 11T028

Label: MD&G

Reference: 335 2038-2

Format: CD reissue

Price: $18.98

Description: This never became a complete cycle, as cpo did that, and the piano concerto was included in Hyperion’s “Romantic Piano Concerto” series but at the time all but the Tragica were first recordings and Draeseke specialists can now have them at mid-price if they never got them before. 2 CDs for the price of 1. Claudius Tanski (piano), Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra; George Hanson. Original 1999 and 2001 releases.


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