STANISLAW MONIUSZKO (1819-1872): Fly, Song, from the City, Niemen and Wilila to the Lithuanians, First Reminders, First Impression, Duettino, Carol, ALEXANDER DARGOMYZHSKY (1813-1869): Past Days of Enchantment, Beautiful Virgin, How am I to the Songs of Singers, CESAR CUI (1835-1918): The Last Flowers, Op. 19/5, Heavenly Wanderers, Op. 19/6, So a Soul Draws towards Freedom, Op. 3/3, ANTONÍN DVORÁK (1841-1904): 4 Moravian Duets, Op. 29b, 4 Moravian Duets, Op. 32.

Catalogue Number: 11Q035

Label: Dux

Reference: 1102

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Unlike Dvorák, the two Russian composers and Moniuszko kept to a generalized folk feeling in their songs, using rhythmic characteristics of Polish and Russian folk music rather than adopting particular regional types. That pushes them closer to the ideal salon romance in style, not that that makes them any less interesting to hear given the scarcity of recordings, especially of Cui's songs. Polish, Russian (Cyrillic), Czech-English texts. Urszula Kryger (mezzo), Jadwiga Rappé (alto), Mariusz Rutkowski (piano)


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