ULRICH ALEXANDER KREPPEIN (b.1979):  String Quartet No. 2 (Danish String Quartet), Spiel der Schatten for Orchestra (Munich Radio Orchestra; Matthias Pinscher), Phatasiestücke I: Windinnres (Ensemble Modern), II: Nachtschatenwirbel (Ensemble Modern; Oswald Sallaberger), and III: Abendlied (White Rabbit Ensemble; Eric Hewitt), Départ (Ensemble Modern; Franck Ollu).

Catalogue Number: 11P085

Label: col legno

Reference: WWE 1CD 40406

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: The composer's titles suggest a preoccupation with the ambiguous, shifting perspectives of a twilight world, in which memory and imagination have to fill in the gaps in conscious observation, and this is an appropriate metaphor for the processes and soundworld of his music. Départ and Spiel der Schatten, given the full resources of the orchestra, present the multiple layers of consciousness of this strange shadow realm to their greatest advantage; memories of familiar older musics are submerged in the slowly moving depths of a fluid environment of textured sound, sometimes rising to the level of recognisability before withdrawing into the shadows. Départ takes this further, with microtonal chiming and whispered texts that sound like a detuned radio accentuating the sense of unreality. The pieces for smaller ensembles present similar processes in more concentrated form, with microtonal and noise-textured blurring of the solid forms (consonant chords, late-romantic gestures) of the musical landscape, and whispered texts half-articulated like phantom memories.


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