ERNST KRENEK (1900-1991): Concertino for Flute, Violin, Piano and String Orchestra, Op. 27, VINCENT D'INDY (1851-1931): Concert for Piano, Flute, Cello and String Orchestra, Op. 89, ERWIN SCHULHOFF (1894-1942): Concerto doppio for Flute, Piano, String Orchestra and 2 Horns.

Catalogue Number: 11P008

Label: Chandos

Reference: CHAN 10791

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Titled "The 20th-century Concerto Grosso", this release brings us three concertos written in the mid 1920s, all relaxed and sunny in nature, the emphasis on rhythm and contrapuntal texture. The earliest is Krenek's 1924 Concertino, a World Premiere Recording, in suite form (Toccata, Sarabande, Scherzo, Air and Finale) and one of the most tonal and playful things he would ever write. Schulhoff's not very much recorded concerto (1927) is not one of his more radical, lefty pieces of the 20s; instead, it exploits the tonal qualities of the solo instruments, plays with baroque motor rhythms and flirts with jazz. D'Indy's Concert comes from 1926, a delight which brims with vigor and charm and sounds not at all like the hide-bound reactionary which the composer was by the time he wrote it. Maria Prinz (piano), Karl Heinz Sch├╝tz (flute), Christoph Koncz (violin), Robert Nagy (cello), Academy of St Martin in the Fields; Neville Marriner.


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