VIKTOR TOGOBITSKY (1953-1999): Song of Solitude for Orchestra (Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra; László Kovács), Wind Quintet (Wind Quintet of the Hungarian RSO), Confession for Solo Cello (Tamás Koó), 17 Epitaphs for Piano (Katalin Frideczky), Little Suite for Flute and Guitar (Zoltán Gyöngyössy [flute], Sándor Szilágyi [guitar]).

Catalogue Number: 11L103

Label: Hungaroton

Reference: HCD 32631

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: The Siberian-born, Hungarian-naturalized Togobitsky was influenced (like every Soviet composer of his generation) by Shostakovich, and having studied under Shostakovich disciple Tishchenko in the 1970s it is hardly surprising that a post-Shostakovich mode of expression similar to Tishchenko's own dominates the substantial Song of Solitude, a 20-minute symphonic episode of alternately gloomy and agitated character. After a somber opening the work erupts in a vigorous timpani-laced allegro, strongly reminiscent of scherzi from Shostakovich's wartime and post-war symphonies (8 and 9 especially). The Wind Quintet, and even more so, the pained Confession sound almost like studies for the moods and atmospheres of the orchestral work; the harmonies of the former are especially reminiscent of Shostakovich. The aphoristic Epitaphs are economical in the extreme, suggesting fleeting thoughts and impressions, while the Aria and Little Suite lighten the mood somewhat, with a full-blooded Romantic character. Despite the obvious influences, a substantial composer of real character, who died sadly young and without realizing his full and apparently very substantial potential.


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