CHARLES IVES (1874-1954): New England Holidays Symphony: II Decoration Day (ed. James Sinclair), III The Fourth of July (real. W. Shirley) and IV Thanksgiving and Forefathers' Day (ed. J. Elkus), The General Slocum, Overture in G Minor (both real. David G. Porter), Yale-Princeton Football Game (real. Sinclair), Postlude in F (ed. K. Singleton).

Catalogue Number: 11L064

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.559370

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Three of the four movements of Ives' Holiday Symphony, edited and realized by various hands, alongside the short Postlude (from an organ piece by the 15-year-old composer) and Yale-Princeton Football Game, with two world premiere recordings: The General Slocum, a five-minute piece memorializing a 1904 boating disaster which killed 1000 people (cinematic in its vividness) and the overture, one of Ives' "homework" assignments at Yale and in the generalized Tchaikovsky/Dvorák/Brahms idiom of his first symphony. Malmö Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Chorus; James Sinclair.


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