FREDERICK THE GREAT (1712-1786): Flute Sonatas in A Minor, SpiF 14*, in C, SpiF 82, in C Minor, SpiF 84, in A, SpiF 114*, in F, SpiF 118 and in G Minor, SpiF 116*, ALESSANDRO DE MARCHI (b.1962): Preludes in A Minor* and in G Minor*, Variations on Tempo giusto from Frederick II’s Sonata in C*.

Catalogue Number: 10W027

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.574250

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Frederick II, King of Prussia, was a gifted musician who built up a court orchestra noted both for its quality and its size. A patron of the fine arts, Frederick was a highly accomplished flautist whose works, performed in small private concerts, show a remarkable range of forms and expressive effects with slow movements offering long-breathed arcs of melody. The pieces by De Marchi, conceived in the spirit of improvisation, provide a revealing impression of contemporary performance practice. * - First Recordings. Claudia Stein (flute), Andreas Greger (cello), Alessandro De Marchi (fortepiano).


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