ALESSANDRO MELANI (1639-1703): L’Empio Punito.

Catalogue Number: 10W015

Label: Glossa

Reference: GCD 923522

Format: CD

Price: $34.98

Description: In 1669, Melani became the first composer to create a dramma per musica out of tales of Don Juan, using a libretto provided by a pair of Roman poets from their adaption of the celebrated Spanish tragic drama, “El burlador de Sevilla” by Tirso de Molina. Acciauoli and Apolloni transposed the events of Seville into a mythical landscape and called Don Giovanni Acrimante and his servant Leporello Bibi. But they did not change the original plot. 3 CDs. Italian libretto. Raffaele Pe (countertenor), Roberta Invernizzi, Raffaella Milanesi (sopranos), Giorgio Celenza (bass-baritone), Auser Musici; Carlo Ipata.


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