Organ Music for the Synagogue

HUGO SCHWANTZER (1829-1886): Präludium zur Einweihung der neuen Synagoge zu Berlin, Op. 19, DAVID NOWAKOWSKI (1848-1921): Preludium zum Abend am Purimfest, ERNST AUGUST BEYER (1868-1943): Praeludium und Fuge über synagogale Melodien, SIEGFRIED WÜRZBURGER (1877-1942): Passacaglia und Fuge über “Kol nidre”, JOSEPH SULZER (1850-1926): 4 Preludes, Op. 10, MAX WOLFF (1840-1886): Prelude, ARNO NADEL (1878-1943): Passacaglia über Wadonaj pakad ess ssarah, HEINRICH SCHALIT (1886-1976): Prelude, 7 TRAD. melodies.

Catalogue Number: 10V061

Label: CPO

Reference: 555 127-2

Format: SACD hybrid

Price: $16.98

Description: A distinctive solo repertoire for keyboard instruments in synagogues did not come about until such instruments more frequently began to appear in during the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, in conjunction with contemporary religious, cultural, and musical developments within the Jewish Diaspora in Central Europe. The works here reflect the history of organ repertoire from Central Europe, parts of Eastern Europe, and the United States, where many composers sought refuge in order to escape persecution by the Nazis (three of those here died in the Holocaust). Cantor Assaf Levitin (bass), Stephan Lutermann (organ of Sts Maria and Cecilia, Verden, Germany).


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