SRUL IRVING GLICK (1934-2002): 7 Tableaux from the Song of Songs for Soprano, Piano and String Orchestra (arr. François Vallières), AVNER DORMAN (b.1975): Nigunim (Violin Concerto No. 2), KELLY-MARIE MURPHY (b.1964): En el oscuro es todo uno for Harp, Cello and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 10V047

Label: Analekta

Reference: AN2 9262

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Two of these diverse but equally approachable works were prize winners in the Azrieli Music Prizes competition, set up to promote new Jewish music in Canada. Murphy's unusual double concerto is an extremely original, compelling and impressive, neo-Romantic work, its unique combination of soloists remarkably effective in conveying a wide range of emotion and expression. The title, "In the Darkness, all are one" is a Sephardic proverb, and the work is based on melodies from the Sephardic tradition around Europe and the near East, and hence its eloquent melodies and rich tonal harmony has a strong modal feel throughout. The first movement is a deeply affecting lament with violent intrusions, building to a powerful, menacing climax. The second movement begins with long lines of chant-like prayer, then introduces a vigorous, exhilaratingly rhythmic folk dance (with drums and handclaps!) from Turkey and the Balkans. A cadenza, accompanied by vibraphone, follows, evoking the Yigdal hymn. The finale opens with a sumptuous, nocturnal romance, then switches gears to end the concerto with a lively dance. Dorman's concerto is a heavily revised, orchestral version of his Third Violin Sonata (07P054). It is based on "common musical elements [from] North African Jewish cantillations, Central Asian Jewish wedding songs, Klezmer music, and Ashkenazy prayers", the improvisatory Jewish religious songs of the title. The movements are, in turn, solemn and prayerful, celebratory, immobile and dissonantly keening, and exultantly dancing. Glick's 1992 Tableaux, originally for soprano and piano trio was orchestrated this year by François Vallières for this recording. It sets seven verses from the Song of Songs in tenderly lyrical vocal lines intimately entwined with their accompaniment, in a warm, Romantic, tonal idiom. Sharon Azrieli (soprano), Lara St. John (violin), Couloir, Orchestre Classique de Montréal; Boris Brott.


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