ALBERTO CARA (b.1975): Sinfonía dell’Aria for Viola, Double Bass, Wind Orchestra and Percussion, Ricercare III for Orchestra, Il mio mattin brillò - Threnody for Orchestra, Ottavia - Città sospesa sull’abisso for Orchestra, OK Trombone: Game Over for Trombone and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 10V011

Label: Da Vinci Classics

Reference: C00143

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: A most enjoyable disc of varied, original, tonal works. The irresistible curtain-opener, Octavia, is one of Italo Calvino's cities, suspended over an abyss into which it will inevitably fall. The piece depicts the incessant, desperately scurrying lives of the inhabitants, compressing as much activity as possible into their days in the certain knowledge of their fate. The "Threnody for Trumpet and Orchestra" is a somber tone poem, a mournfully tolling postlude to Verdi's "Aida" depicting a solemn ceremonial for Aida and Radames in the afterlife. "Symphony of the Air" comprises four atmospheric (sorry!) reflections on the varying moods of the element of Air; cloud motion, a tender portrait of the girl seduced by the Greek god of the north wind, a blustery, bracing but unthreatening storm. The imaginatively scored work is a symphonies concertante with two busy string soloists and a colorful ensemble of winds and percussion. OK Trombone is a substantial, lively scherzo for soloist and orchestra, inspired by the early, graphically primitive but hyperactive video games of the composer's youth. It begins briskly and energetically enough, but after the trombonist's improvised cadenza the wit quotient increases considerably as the protagonist joins relentlessly chugging propulsivist battle with one of those supremely irritating 1980s synthesizers responsible for much video game music of the time. A somber, desolate coda suggests that the soloist was indeed dealt a 'game over' by the abominable machine. Ricercare is an earlier work with no programmatic associations but a serious, melancholy air; with its arched dramatic arc the piece is a Romantic interpretation of the Baroque form. Enrico Carraro (viola), Paolo Speziale (double bass), Marco Pierobon (trumpet), David Whitwell (trombone), I Pomeriggi Musicali; Marcello Bufalini.


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