ALEXANDER VEPRIK (1889-1958): 2 Poems, 2 Symphonic Songs, Op. 20, 5 Little Pieces, Op. 17, Dances and Songs of the Ghetto, Op. 12, Pastorale.

Catalogue Number: 10V005

Label: MD&G

Reference: 901 2133-6

Format: SACD hybrid

Price: $18.98

Description: Veprik was regarded as a star in the young Soviet generation of composers of which Shostakovich was a member, and his music was enthusiastically performed even in the distant West. But then he fell into disfavor as a victim of Stalin’s anti-Semitic policies and was banned to the Gulag, to be released only after Stalin’s death (The Pastorale lends expression to the pain that he had suffered and continued to feel: marked by anguish, far from any sort of bucolic idyll). His name disappeared from program pages – and has yet to reappear. Veprik’s rehabilitation is long overdue, a fact impressively demonstrated by this new recording. Deeply felt melodies, compelling expressivity, and captivating tone colors are present throughout; the Five Little Pieces as well as the Dances and Songs play with the transmitted Eastern Jewish melodies that accompanied Veprik, who was born near Odessa, throughout his life. BBC National Orchestra of Wales; Christoph-Mathias Mueller.


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