MIGUEL KERTSMAN (b.1965): Concerto Brasileiro for Flute, Strings and Percussion, Concerto for Violin, Horn, Shofar and Orchestra, Journey for Bassoon and Orchestra, Chamber Symphony No. 2 “New York of 50 Doors”.

Catalogue Number: 10U073

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.573987

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: This Brazilian-American composer writes in numerous genres embracing classical music, jazz, progressive rock, electronica and film, bridging these diverse elements to craft a unique sound world. The Concerto Brasileiro explores lyricism and modernity through solemn chorale-like writing and seductive dances laced with Brazilian folk rhythms. Uncommon sonorities, haunting themes and ethereal landscapes mark out the concerto for violin, horn, and shofar, while traditionalism and experimentation define the Journey. The chamber symphony explores and celebrates New York’s rich cultural diversity. Marina Piccinini (flute), Orsolya Korcsolán (violin), Martin Kuuskmann (bassoon), Gergely Sugar (horn, shofar), London Philharmonic Orchestra; Dennis Russell Davies.


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