FRANZ LISZT (1811-1886): New Discoveries, Vol. 4 - Hungarian Rhapsody No. 23 in C Sharp Minor “Rêves et fantaisies”, S242/23, Preludio funèbre, S205b, La lugubre gondola, S199z/ii, Bülow-Marsch, S229b, Dem Andenken Petőfis, S195ii, Den Schutz-Engeln Angelus”, S162a/i, Den Zypressen der Villa d’Este [I], S162/b1, Danse des sylphes de “La damnation de Faust” de Hector Berlioz, S474a, Maometto II de Rossini “Fantaisie”, s421b, Largo in B Minor, S692p/1, Essay sur l’indifference, S692p/2, Klavierstück in E Flat Minor, S629n, Kavallerie-Geschwindmarsch, S460, Album-Leaves: Aus dem Mephisto-Walzer, S167m/2, Düsseldorf Preludio, S163f/2, Ave Maria, S164q, Dublin, S164r, An die Künstler I and II, S166t/1 and 166t/2.

Catalogue Number: 10U039

Label: Hyperion

Reference: CDA68247

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: A fascinating compendium of first thoughts, alternative versions and lost works: the fruits of Leslie Howard’s assiduous excavations in the Lisztian workshop, and all believed to be first recordings. By far the biggest is the 22-minute Hungarian Rhapsody dating from 1847 at the latest: the editors of the excellent Neue Liszt-Ausgabe have parenthetically named it as the first version of the first Hungarian Rhapsody. But this piece, although it shares much thematic material with the later rhapsody, is laid out on a far broader canvas. Leslie Howard (piano).


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