CARL DAVIS (b.1936): Aladdin: The Ballet.

Catalogue Number: 10T081

Label: Carl Davis Collection

Reference: CDC029

Format: CD

Price: $24.98

Description: “... a Persian story set in China with an important interlude in Morocco...” is how Davis succinctly describes this adaptation of material from the 1001 Nights, which was premiered by Scottish Ballet in 2000. The “oriental exoticism” one expects from this material comes from Davis’ use of the drone and modes of Raga for the Persian scenes, the Chinese pentatonic scale for those and North African drumming and the chromatic descending scale for Morocco; of course, there’s plenty of the composer’s inventiveness in non-eastern music here also. The booklet contains 21 color photos from a production of the ballet and a synopsis for each of its 63 numbers. 2 CDs. Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra; Carl Davis.


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