JORGE GRUNDMAN (b.1961): Shoah for Solo Violin and Sacred Temple.

Catalogue Number: 10T076

Label: Non Profit

Reference: NPM1709

Format: CD

Price: $29.98

No Longer Available

Description: This unusually packaged CD is presented in an oversized hardcover book. This is in a sense essential, as this Holocaust memorial was conceived with a text (printed in the booklet) as an integral part of the work, directed to be read at every performance. No disrespect is intended to the composer in suggesting that his sorrowing, eloquent and instantly communicative music also provides the ideal soundtrack for reading silently to oneself these essays on the aspects of the Holocaust that moved Grundman to write the piece; desperately sad accounts of the ghettoes, death camps and killing grounds of the Nazis' hideous crimes. In his notes, the composer points out that movements from Bach's works for solo strings are often played at memorial events, so his aim has been to produce a suite of pieces customised to the purpose, so to speak, with a more Romantic level of emotional involvement and imbued with echoes of Jewish melody. Much of the piece makes use of Baroque gesture and figuration, the fragile lullaby-like lyrical sections suggesting a more Romantic vocabulary, though all is tonal. Too much is made in the sales notes and, regrettably, by the composer himself, of the work's duration; it may be the longest solo violin Partita but is far from the longest violin work; Allgën and Violette have written much longer ones, but that is far from the most interesting thing about any of these pieces. The work's duration is appropriate to its material and intent, and the piece is a beautiful and moving memorial elegy. CD + book. Vicente Cueva (violin).


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