MARIO CASTELNUOVO-TEDESCO (1895-1968): Complete Music for Soprano and Guitar - The Divan of Moses Ibn Ezra, Op.207, Ballata dall’Esilio, Arise, Seals of Love, Romance del Conde Arnaldos, La Ermita de San Simon.

Catalogue Number: 10T056

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 95282

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Setting 12th century Hebrew poetry in an English translation, the composer gives us a 19-song cycle of just over a half-hour’s duration describing the stages of human life and its fate: “Songs of Wandering”, “Songs of Friendship”, “Wine and the Delights of Sons of Men”, “The World and its Vicissitudes” and “The Transience of the World”, the tone elegiac, sometimes melancholy, a bittersweet reflection on a long life full of glory and despair. No texts. Joanna Klisowska (soprano), Giulio Tampalini (guitar).


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