JOSEF MATTHIAS HAUER (1883-1959): 5 Stücke for String Quartet, LOUIS GRUENBERG (1884-1964): 4 Indiskretionen for String Quartet, OTTO JOKL (1891-1963): String Quartet No. 2, ERICH ITOR KAHN (1906-1956): Fragment eines unvollendeten Streichquartetts, HANS WALTER SÜSSKIND (1913-1980): Rechenschaft über uns, 4 Lieder.

Catalogue Number: 10T054

Label: Channel Classics

Reference: CCS 40517

Format: CD

Price: $20.98

No Longer Available

Description: A variation on the “Entartete Musik” theme although not all these composers had to flee the Nazis (Hauer was not Jewish and Gruenberg arrived in the U.S. as an infant). All the music is atonal in one way or another (and Gruenberg throws references to American popular music into his short “Indiscretions”) with Kahn’s 1924 piece (it’s not really a fragment, that’s just his title) predating Schoenbergian dodecaphony but bathing in Schoenbergian Expressionism à la Verklärte Nacht and Susskind (take away the Hans and you’ll recognize him as the well-known conductor) giving us a fine 1934 example of Communist agitprop with his Rechenschaft über uns. Not even everything dates frm the 20s or 30s either - Jokl’s quartet (the longest piece here at 18 minutes) having been premiered in New York by the Galimir Quartet in 1948. German texts. Barbara Kozelj (soprano), Ebony Quartet.


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