DARIUSZ PRZYBYLSKI (b.1984): Cello Concerto (Madgalena Bojanowicz [cello], ...denn ich streue mit einem Genossen über das dunkle Meer zu unvertändlichen Völkern... for Accordion and Orchestra (Maciej Frąckiewicz [accordion], Michał Klauza [conductor])), Musica in forma di Rosa. Omaggio a Pasolini for Violin and Orchestra (Patrycja Piekutowska [violin], Paweł Kotla [conductor]), κατάβασις for Orchestra and 20 Young Performers (students of post-primary schools in Katowice; Szymon Bywalec [conductor]).

Catalogue Number: 10S088

Label: Dux

Reference: 1293

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The concertante violin piece pays homage to Pasolini, and adapts its title from that of one of his collections of poems. The 'rose' motif suggests the spiraling petals in the form of variations of a passacaglia, and the sensuous textures evoke the scent and beauty of the flower. The idiom is freely dissonant but far from atonal, and the variation structure is very clear. The Cello Concerto is a serious, passionate work, exploring the cello's ability to project a wide range of emotional states. The music's rich harmony and extended melodic lines are strongly anchored to tonal centers, though the piece is not conventionally tonal. Despite its modernity, the work exudes a sense of Romantic drama, not unlike works from recent decades by Rihm, with whom Przybylski studied. The accordion concerto was inspired by a passage from the Odyssey, and the fluid, aquatic music is related almost programmatically to the idea of a sea voyage. As with the other pieces here, the orchestral colors are original and vivid, the solo writing of a very high order of virtuosity, the harmony a potent driving force of the dramatic narrative. The 'descent' of κατάβασις is that into the underworld, and the piece is ominously, atmospherically sonorous, the texture colored by an array of unusual percussion instruments. Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra.


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