GUIDO MANCUSI (b.1966): Suite for String Orchestra (on B-A-Es-F), Trumpet Concerto (Joe Hofbauer [trumpet], PAN European Philharmonia), Concerto for Orchestra (MAV Concert Orchestra Budapest), Tonspiele (Vienna Volksoper Symphony Orchestra) Polkas and Galopp: Schwiegermuttergalopp, Schrimpsalat, Running Sushi (PAN European Phillarmonia), Kirschblüten (Schönbrunn Festival Orchestra), Kinderspiel, Tachiniererpolka, Wo der Pfeffer wächt.

Catalogue Number: 10R085

Label: Paladino Music

Reference: pmr 0066

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Born near Naples, Mancusi obviously went to Austria at an early age since he was a member of the Vienna Choir Boys and, after musical studies, has remained there as conductor and composer. What we have here is chiefly “light music” in which a sense of humor (like the suite, whose title refers to the huge German chemical and tape manufacturer), painterly orchestrational skills and a broad knowledge of central European music enables him to produce truly delightful music in several genres. The Concerto for Orchestra has Bartók floating around and through it, the 12-minute Tonspiele is in the tradition of the Comedy Overture and the series of polkas (and the “Mother-in-Law” Galop) are respectful and witty updatings of the great Viennese dance music tradition (with nods to China in Running Sushi and to Japan in the big, nine-minute waltz “Cherry Blossoms”, written for the children of the Fukushima disaster as a UNICEF benefit). 2 CDs for the price of 1. Guido Mancusi (conductor).


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