JOSEPH JONGEN (1873-1953): 2 pièces, Op. 89, ALEXANDER TANSMAN (1897-1986): 2 mouvements, RUDOLF MATZ (1901-1988): Quartet in D Minor, PIERRE PETIT (1922-2000): Suite, JULES DE SWERT (1843-1891): Pensée élégiaque.

Catalogue Number: 10R062

Label: Antarctica

Reference: AR0001

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: If you like the sound of the cello, you should like the sound of four cellos even more, right? Needless to say, the conservative Jongen’s pieces (1929) are richly late romantic and even Tansman was seduced into that style in the first of his pieces from 1935 but the second is in a more characteristic tense, Stravinskian mood. Petit (1942) is as Gallic as you would imagine but the most fun piece here is the five-movement quartet by the Croatian Matz (1966) which subtly revisits well-known themes from famous composers of the past that has you trying to guess what’s coming next. Tansman Cello Quartet.


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