ANTONIO BIBALO (1922-2008): Concerto da camera No. 2 for Harpsichord, Violin and String Orchestra (Norwegian Radio Orchestra; Ari Rasilainen), Concerto Allegorico for Violin and Orchestra (St. Petersburg State Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra; Arkadi Steinloukht).

Catalogue Number: 10R061

Label: Bergen Digital Studio

Reference: BD7040CD

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

No Longer Available

Description: Bibalo's music is characterised by a concern for classical forms, which lends his work a strong sense of structural integrity, combined with an individual use of harmony that sounds contemporary yet is based in tonality, permitting extreme levels of dissonance rather than excursions into true atonality; harmonic progressions have clear direction and melodies, often extended episodes of lyrical expression, could clearly be notated in traditional key structures, even if the accompanying material would challenge such notation. The chamber concerto is modeled on baroque forms, with recitative-like passages for the soloists, two toccatas - a vigorous scherzo, motoric, making exciting use of crisp harpsichord sonorities, and a more complex finale that begins with an extended harpsichord cadenza-recitative before evolving into a flowing current of dense instrumental texture with something elemental and inexorable in its momentum and no small influence of Bartók in its harmonies. The slow movement is a stately sarabande. Concerto allegorico was dedicated to Fartein Valen, and shares some characteristics with his music. There are also strong similarities to Berg's concerto; the work is gorgeously lush and late-late romantic, less overtly tonal than the later Concerto da camera, yet clothing its atonal themes in such rich harmonic garb as to suggest a more traditional, romantic type of expression. Einar Steen-Nøkleberg (harpsichord), Ørnulf Boye Hansen (violin).


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