FREDERICK SEPTIMUS KELLY (1881-1916): Violin Sonata in G “Gallipoli”*, ARTHUR SOMERVELL (1863-1937): Two Conversations about Bach for 2 Violins and Piano*, ARNOLD BAX (1883-1953): Violin Sonata No. 2. * - World Premiere Recordings.

Catalogue Number: 10R049

Label: EM Records

Reference: EMR CD030

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Another significant work by a young composer killed in World War I: Kelly was Australian but lived in England from the age of 12 and became a successful pianist and moved socially at high levels. This sonata’s subtitle refers only to its place of composition - in Kelly’s tent at the famous battle site in Turkey (Kelly was killed the following year on the Somme) - but its first movement is serene, seeming to look back peacetime, but with some elements of unease floating by. The second movement begins with a theme in Phrygian mode which recalls Vaughan Williams’ Lark Ascending and there is one moment of unrest and intensity in the final movement but nothing like the unsettling violence marks Kelly’s work that one finds in Bax’s sonata of the same year. In fact, all three of these pieces date from 1915, Somervell’s two short Bachian journeys in counterpoint being inward-looking rather than worldly aware of the moment. Rupert Marshall-Luck (violin), Matthew Rickard (piano).


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