CYRIL SCOTT (1879-1970): Cello Sonata*, Lullaby, Op. 57/2 (transcr. Ethel Barnes [1874-1948]), IVOR GURNEY (1890-1937): Cello Sonata in E Minor*, IAN VENABLES (b.1955): At Malvern, Op. 24a*, Elegy, Op. 2, The Moon Sails Out, Op. 42*, It Rains, Op. 33a*, Poem, Op. 29. * - First Recordings.

Catalogue Number: 10R046

Label: EM Records

Reference: EMR CD031

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Scott, the most stylistically heterogenous British composer of the 20th century, here actually makes it easy to describe his late sonata from 1958: much of it is chromatic and tonally ambiguous, harking back to the sound worlds of Scriabin and Debussy, with a short and puckish scherzo as light relief before the final two movements return to Scott’s own brand of English impressionism. Gurney’s 13-minute work is in a single movement. Likely written in 1921, it has its Brahmsian moments but is more a rhapsody than a sonatal The Venables pieces, two song transcriptions and three original cello-and-piano pieces (two of these, though, are inspired by poetry), are rather dark and troubled except for the impressionistic At Malvern, easily approachable in a somewhat severe post-romantic way and very good to get to know from a composer known primarily for his songs. Richard Jenkinson (cello), Benjamin Frith (piano).


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